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(i’ve never done a giveaway before so i’m not sure how this goes…)

look! some sort of homestuck t shirt giveaway!

i saw a lot of people like the dirk/eridan shirts going around tumblr and that’s really cool of you guys. while packing for college i discovered a lot of blank t shirts i somehow hoarded away (most of them are size medium- the dirk and eridan shirts are size small and the tavros one is a medium so you get an idea). since i love designing t shirt logos and images i thought it would be awesome if i could make some cool designs on them and send them to you! 

so what do you win?

i’m thinking there would be a grand prize winner and six other winners because painting t shirts isn’t that bad (however, to paint a lot in a row will take time so please be patient if you win). if you already have a design in mind please tell me, otherwise the designs will be by me.

grand prize would be a sweatshirt, you heard me. sweatshirt. you can tell me which character you like and i’ll design a sweatshirt for you. 

here’s some examples i made:

they get pretty complicated, right?

as for the other winners, i can paint you original designs, or i can paint normal t shirts too like my john shirt or this rose one


i’m sure you all know most of the rules for giveaways.

. no, you don’t have to follow.

. there’s a limit to reblogs. one like, up to five reblogs. if other people get annoyed, please tag your giveaway reblogs

. please have your ask box open, yada yada yada. 

. i can ship anywhere, but the postage might be tricky for me so if you’re not from the states i might need some help…

. this continues until the end of september, so september 30th

just have fun, guys. i really hope you just have fun with this as much as i have fun painting t shirts.

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